Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 – Hidden Objects & Tips and Tricks for the begginers

Windows version of the most popular and widely used is Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Windows 7 codenamed Blackcomb Vienna or part of the Windows NT family, and was released on July 22, 2009. This version was created to meet the critical reception of his predecessor, namely Windows Vista, Windows 7 has received significant positive feedback for best performance, intuitive interface and many other improvements were observed. In fact, some critics have strongly suggests that Windows 7 is the best version of Windows ever. One of the best things about this version is that users now have many options to really increase your productivity while working on your computer.

Windows 10 is the latest version and the most talked about Windows was released to consumers, July 29, 2015. Windows 10 is currently available for free, where many existing users to update.

Here are 10 tips you should know for Windows 10:

1. Start by GodMode in which users can obtain an advanced control panel. Just create a new folder and then rename everywhere as GodMode.

2. Customize the Start menu to operate the computer for you.

3. Users now have the ability to program all the Windows updates to avoid interrupting or automatic update reminders.

4. If you have a touch screen device, then you can easily switch to tablet mode with the Windows version.


5. Windows 10 allows users to create a virtual office that is perfect if you use many applications.

6. Windows 10 can save battery life if you use a laptop.

7. Welcomes biometric security features of Windows 10, the user can open up your PC with your fingerprint.

8. The Windows version has added a controversial feature that allows users to limit their Wi-Fi for others.

9. Now users can print to PDF without using other tools.

10. Finally, Windows 10 gives users the option to cancel your updates in a month of installation.

Next on the list is Windows 8.1, blue key code name, which is an update for the version of Windows 8. Most people say that Windows 8.1 is the best version of Windows 8 with important parameters.

Here are some tips and tricks for Windows 8.1:

1. The start button is always reliable is back in Windows 8.1, where the user can see the options.

2. Users can now customize the tab on the main screen and reassemble the tiles of the same.

3. Windows 8.1 now have the ability for users to go directly to the desktop instead of dealing with tile home screen.

4. Windows 8.1 allows users to manage their applications in different ways according to the classification of the date of installation or for other reasons.


5. Using stem applications.

6. Windows 8.1 users now have the opportunity to make the most useful start button.

7. Applications that are no longer used today can stop running in the background.

8. Now, the user can easily change the screen settings such as orientation and resolution.

9. Windows 8.1 allows users to view multiple applications while at the same time.

10. With Windows 8.1, users have the ability to store items online so they can be read even when they are offline.

10 tips and tricks for Windows 7:

1. Leveraging on the Windows 7 the keyboard shortcut. For example, press the Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new folder.

2. Make the jump list so you can easily access the folder or window that you normally use.

3. Use hidden international theme or wallpaper by following the following steps:

Kind of C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT in the search box in the Start menu, then press Enter. Windows 7 shows a list of subfolders for each country. Find your favorite subject or background.

4. Windows 7 allows users to use multiple monitors can be used for.

5. Users can now obtain the energy efficiency report in which the operating system, we can see the energy consumption of your laptop. To do this, run the command prompt by typing cmd in the search box. After the icon appears, right click and select “Run as administrator.” In the box, type powercfg -Energy outputs\Folders\Energy_Report.html.


6. the Windows 7 task bar has a large, with a variety of features that can help people maximize their workload.

7. Use the checkboxes to better productivity. This means that you can now activate the check boxes of folders and files in bulk.

8. Now, the user can customize the box or tray notification system so you can see the icons used on a regular basis.

9. Use the scroll function. This feature will allow users to get rid of all the clutter in one step.

10. Aero Snap is a feature in Windows 7, users can maximize the window by dragging the icon to the side of the screen.

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