Top 10 iOS 9 Features and Capabilities for The Begginers

Apple ended all the speculation and rumors surrounding the IOS 9 with the release of the latest version of its mobile operating system officially September 16th. IOS Version 9 is compatible with iPod touch (fifth generation) with iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 and above, and all of the iPad Mini models. It also allows users to easily install their IOS devices 9 as the size of the update is only 1.3 GB. 9 IOS also has a better battery life, improved research, application is updated, improved security, and new multitasking to rival mobile operating systems such as Android and Windows Phone. New features and enhancements in iOS 9 profound impact both users and application developers.

10 Features iOS 9 in interesting and different time

1) Multitasking on the iPad

Apple has included support for multitasking in iOS 9 to allow iPad users to view two applications simultaneously. You can choose the “View hangar” that helps to open the application on the left side of the screen while running other applications at the right side. Their also had other options referred “Move Over”, which helps to drag and move from one application to another quickly and smoothly with ease. Users can even chat with your contacts via FaceTime when you access other applications. However, IOS 9 now provides integrated support multitasking applications only for Apple.


2) Intelligence

Apple tries to do the smart iPhone and iPad thanks to a new feature called intelligence. Google Now feature is inspired by offering better research and proactive advice, even before a user initiates an action. For example, every time a user searches on the Web; Intelligence automatically displays the people, places, news and applications based on their activity. Similarly, the application of music opens automatically each time a user connects a headset.

3) Hey Siri

While using iOS 9, users can activate Siri simply say “Hey Siri”. So they are now able to activate Apple virtual personal assistance anywhere and anytime without pressing any key. However, Apple requires the apparatus to recognize the voice of the user, and is activated only after Siri voice authentication. improved so Siri will respond quickly to the demand for more complex and offer more relevant suggestions.


4) Easy access to iCloud

While using iOS 8, many users have trouble accessing an iCloud storage service in the cloud of Apple. IOS 9 makes it easier for them to access iCloud, simply by creating a shortcut icon on the Home screen. A user can simply create a shortcut icon to visit Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive, and then press the switch “Show on the Home screen”. While users can access files stored in iCloud directly from the home screen of their devices.

5) See the transit route

mobile development seems to improve as more iOS 9 come with an increase in Apple Maps, which includes some of the features offered by Google Maps. Apple Maps can now provide transit directions for users in the selected cities. Users can use the option to collect information on other means of transportation by bus, train, boat, metro stations and. This application also describes the journey in accordance with the user and at the same time, it allows you to gather information about places to shop or eat by the integrated through a “Close”.

6) Payment of Apple and wallets

Apple has improved payment included in IOS 9 allows users to easily and make payments securely using their credit cards. Payment apples also supports credit cards issued by stores such as options. Apple has its name as laptops Wallet. Users can access the folder on your devices by simply double-clicking the start button. They can even access the wallet when the iPhone is locked, as well as store credit card information and a gift card. Thus, users can use Apple Pay to make secure purchases and easily redeem your loyalty points.


7) Improved security

IOS 9 is equipped with several features to keep users safer ID and Apple device. The latest version of the mobile operating system now requires users to use the six-digit code to get the code is more secure and unbreakable. Similarly, users have the option of two-factor authentication to secure the account of apples from other more reliable devices. enhanced security features, putting iOS other mobile platforms most popular marker.

8) The transfer Android

IOS 9 allows users to switch from Android to iPhone or iPad. You can use the application “Move IOS” to switch easily mobile operating system Google mobile platform from Apple. This application allows users to transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, email accounts, wallpaper and Internet bookmarks from your Android device. More recommend the user can downloading apps from the App Store for free, adding a paid app in iTunes Wish List.

9) Carplay

iPhone development is increasingly interesting carplay Apple included in IOS 9 to facilitate the automation of the car. Carplay allows users to connect their iPhone or iPad wirelessly to the car that supports the wireless connection. It can increase their support and work seamlessly with the application of the automaker. Thus, users are not required to pass between cars and carplay interface. They can not use their iOS devices to control the car more comfortable.


10) News and Notes applications

Apple has updated a series of integrated to provide user applications a richer experience. IOS 9 includes new sandals plates such as the application of new which provides updates to new users based on their preferences & reading habits. An apple is also collaborated with the great publications to provide news more relevant and comprehensive for users. IOS 9 also features a completely redesigned Application Notes. Users now have the option to convert the notes list, add photos in it, and scribble on it. In addition, they are able to deliver content and information from other applications to record and save the application on your device iCloud for easy access.

Some features included in iOS 9 shows Apple’s plans to increase market share in the world of mobile operating systems. Apple has included a keyboard for Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi and Hinglish to guide millions of users living in India, the country with the third largest smartphone market in the world. The latest version of iOS India also allows users input words of Hindi in Roman characters, keyboard, subsequently becoming the Devanagari script. More and more, making it easier for users to access websites and applications using several languages of India.

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