How to play Candy Crush Saga After All Patches October 2016

Candy Crush Saga game by the king, is one of the most played games on Facebook now. Players must destroy the candy of different colors to make a combination of 3 or more candy. The game also features much more than that. In this article, I will try to provide the essential elements that every player must know when candy crush saga played.


Knowing the user interface:

The game interface is crucial. You need to know what each button. For example, most players are not aware of some of the features of the user interface as a prize wheel, sending the functions of life, the ability to set the table and so on. Knowing that the design of each button and not very important for a player.

Knowing advice:

Each level has different board games. Council may sometimes be very complicated, and as a player, you have to understand the different features of the card. At some level, he was presented with a table, separated, so it is important to know how as smoothly move from card to card.

Knowing candy and combinations:

It surprised me when I saw some players sweets were destroyed at a high level, don`t even know the difference between the vertical and horizontal lines candy. This game candy so that each player must know the different types of sweets with various combinations of candy that can do. Will make it easier to play. (Example: + stripe, stripes + envelope)

Knowing the driver:

The rotor is made by crushing the candy to make our lives easier. Each reinforcing serves different purposes and is not all driving can be used on all players will receive free levels.The early in the game and also a gift-wheel drive.


Candy Crush also features a shop where players can buy a booster with real money. Knowledge of the driving game and what they do is crucial for players will not vain. I recommend not to use the car unless you are sure that this will not happen without their level.

Knowing blocker:

Have you ever been in this situation?

Yay, new candy crush level. Oh, wait, what is this new thing?

Unlike propellants, blocking is what makes the game harder to chew our fantasies. Different types of blockers have been introduced at different levels.

Players need to know everything about these blockers and how to clear the next level. Blockers can sometimes work in your favor and abuse it can cause instant loss.

The game can be very addictive and sometimes get caught in the daily rate. Just don`t give and try to think before taking any initiative.

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