Hay Day Hacks and Cheats: Top 10 Tricks and Tips for The Begginers

As you know Hay Day is one of the most popular free to play games available on the App Store and here are some tips I’ve figured out on how to get ahead in this great game without wasting time. Thanks to our tips you will be able to get an adventage in this game and you will make better score with making smart moves.


Well, Hay Day puts you in charge of rehabilitating a farm that’s seen better days. You focus on grow and harvest crops, clearing land, raise livestock and make material goods you can sell and consumers to make a profit. With each new level comes new goods you can make, new livestock & crops and other assorted goodies to help you in farming. As standard, there’s an in-app purchase system that you can use to buy diamonds in the game which will get you ahead and get you out of jams.

Before you start reading tips and tricks for hay day, you need to know one thing. In the Internet you will find many Hay Day Hacks and Cheats for Android and iOS devices. Most of them are just made for scam visitors, so avoid them. I guess you know what I am talking about, scamming is popular and sad problem for google users. If you find any online generator or hack tools for this online game, just do not wait and leave a site. Notice that we playing online games, the developer would not allow users to hack their games easily, I think it is impossible.

If you want to share your own strategy you think is great and working, go ahead! We can quickly add your tips or tactic to the post or you can leave a comment. You should know all we do is publish hacks, advices and solutions for Hay Day, we do not offer any file or illegal actions. We respect the developer and we definitely do not recommend hacking Hay Day game. Enjoy Hay Day Cheats, tips, review and small guide!

Hay Day Hacks: 10 Tricks and Tips You Need To Know:

1. Easy Way To Make Money 

In this kind od games without currency you can easily loose matches. Spend it wisely and read as more tactics and tutorials in the Internet as possible to get better look on spending money or diamonds. In Hay Day if you need oodles of cash, just plant wheat and sell it at 1 to get more barn and mats (silo and land expansion).


Remember to expand your silo as much as possible. You can buy 1 coin worth of wheat from people you find in the newspaper, then fill it with wheat and only wheat. After you do this visitors will only ask for it. That’s where the money in Hay Day comes from and comes in.

Of course, there will come a time where you don’t need to plant wheats. Feel free to purchase it from other players to fill up the silo and money it in. You can also grow crops of high value only and start selling it. Do not wait and buy wheat and make other good deals with your friends.

2. Free Diamonds For Everyone

Well, Diamonds allows you to expand your power and thanks to the developer, you can easily get them in a few ways for free. You can pay for Diamonds with real money in the game market, but there are tricks to receive them with no payments.


You get 1 Diamond for following Hay Day on Facebook, while logging into Facebook using Hay Day gets you five diamonds. Mystery boxes, quests, achievements and competitions organized by game developer on fanpage will also get you this wanted resource.

Once you reach Level 24, you can also mine for Diamonds.

3. Spend Your Diamonds Wisely

Save your diamonds up to 90 for good measure with achievements. When Tom’s offer pops up, use your 90 diamonds to hire him for 10 days, after it buy shovels every 2 hours and use it in the mine to gather more this currency. Well, when the 10 days are up, you will have 90 or more extra diamonds, sounds good? It seems to be better to keep selling the metals you gather from the mine instead of keeping it.

You can also use Diamonds to Speed up you production. As you progress through the game, you’ll find that things start to move slowly. If you simply want to speed things up and get the adventage faster, you can always use currency called diamonds!

4. Try To Do Not Rush A Sale

You probably know the situation where other player wants to buy your goods but won’t pay as much as you would like to get for them. Our advice is: do not hurry up, it will always be better to hold out and wait until you get a better offer.


Also if you check out the newspaper and don’t like any of the deals, dont worry. These deals will be swapped out for new deals in the future. When you receive a newspaper deal it won’t automatically load a new deal if you recheck the newspaper just like that.

If you find a website that offer hack for Hay Day deals, you should definitely leave it. Poeple scam players and try diffrent tricks to get someones goods in not natural price, always be careful when you make deals.

5. Search Out for Building Materials


Building materials are needed to make upgrades in your barn and silo. You can access some new building items while you feel lack of fields and taking care of animals. Mystery Boxes that pop up every so often during playing are also good for looking for building materials. Cop some Mystery Boxes with your Diamonds if you choose to.

6. Find Strategies & Tested Tactics aka Hay Day Cheats

You should find tested strategies on forums and facebook groups, where people share their highlights and the best tactics. Visit youtube for tutorials and guides for the begginers if you are new. Sometimes it’s hard to find useful tips and tricks attached by users, but keep trying. You might see many fake hay day hack tools and generators, avoid them, mostly on youtube. Poeple record fake testimonials and intros, that’s why still so many people get scammed every day.

7. Do Away With Mature Crops

You should know when your crops fully mature, you won’t get any more substantial benefits from the patches of land they are planted on. Keep your eye on your crops so that you won’t have patches packed with fully grown crops that aren’t worth keeping around longer. Tap on the field with the mature crops, access your sickle and then proceed to sweep those crops off the field instantly. Of course, you can drop some new crops on that field to begin the process all over again to get some new essential bonuses.

8. Obtain Items For Less

The biggest farmers needing to save cash on tools and equipment should use this: Have a friend sell items for less in ads and buy the goods. Go and resell the items for a profit. You need to make sure you buy the items before someone else.


If you like playstyle based on farming in Hay Day, or already play this great online game, using the Hay Day Hack Tips and Tricks above will increase the resources.

Need Hay Day Hack For Resources? Look below:

9. Other ways to get extra currency

  • Synchronize Facebook with the game to get diamonds everytime you go up a level. Once you reach level 24, start mining for diamonds. Open the mine and blast using TNT to get diamonds every few explosions.
    Care for purple tickets that appear near the newspapers they deliver to the farm. Click these tickets to claim diamonds. As I said above, players reaching level 27 need to go fishing for this currency. Find the boat that needs repairing and try to repair it. Other way is head out on the water and get 1-3 diamonds which depends on the size of fish you catch.
  • To collect Gold use this trick but remember, it will work only once. Head to the Road Shop, buy a new slot and just sell five pieces of wood. Once another farmer buys the wood, you should receive 500.000 gold! Go through newspapers looking for items selling in bulk. At the end purchase things and then sell individually for a profit.
  • How to Gain Experience Points Fast? If reach level 15, pick apples from trees on the farm will and you will receive 7 experience points. Find advertisements in the newspaper about apple trees and visit the farms in question. Look for shaking apple trees on these farms, click on the sign and gain experience points. Sounds easy, right?

10. Balance your money with experience.


As your orders come in, you will see two icons appear at the bottom — coins and stars. Coins are the money you will receive for each order, and stars are the experience points you will get for finishing the order.
Succeeding at this game without any Hay Day Hack is as much about leveling up as it is about making money, so look at those orders carefully. Well, it may be worth your while to go with an order that gives less cash but more experience to help you level up quickly.

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