Facebook Hacks & Security Tips for visitors

As you know, in the Internet you can find many fake hack tools for games, apps and even for social media services. I mean Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. This looks really bad, because people might be scammed by these files. I would like to talk about this problem and that’s why I have decided to make this post. Read this article carefully and take a look at disadventages of using this type of softs. It’s just dangerous, illegal and it makes no sense. Why people still fill surveys and nothing happens? How much time do we need to understand that most of facebook hackers just don’t exist? Is it too hard to understand or what? I guess some social media users wanna spy their partners or make a prank. But let’s think about the real dengerous situations, for example when hackers steal your documents. How to protect your wireless connection and your windows from them? First step is pretty easy, install antivirus software and firewall to make your net safer. It’s not a big but actually enough at start. Notice that you will need to configure firewall before you start using it. But don’t worry, you will find a lot of tutorials on youtube.

Facebook Hacks

Well, Facebook service uses SSL with 1.2 TLS. It makes the service safe and that’s why you cannot steal database from them, just give it up. I recommend to install one antivirus on your device, installing more than 1 antivirus software can only harm you. Scan your system as often as possible and use anti malware programs. You should definitely stop visiting sites designed to hack facebook for your own protection. Many of this type of websites are fakes or scams, trust me. But one site looks good and informs visitors about fake hacks & security tips, you can read more here. On their webiste you can read post and attached FAKE facebook hack gallery on main page. They published it to show you how they looks like and to warn people. From now you can recognize them easily on suspicious websites and tell about it your friends. It’s not taht difficult as you think, they usually have the same options, features and descriptions. If you need more info, feel free to contact us, we will send you some examples with hack facebook hack. After it you should be able to recognize them quickly and you never trust them again. Thanks for the reading and I hope you will come back for more tips.




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