Candy Crush Saga: The game that took the internet by storm

At first, there were Angry Birds, and then something called Candy Saga crash appears. Soon thousands, if not millions of people tapping and swiping away on tablets and smartphones, trying to paddle to the line of candies and jelly beans to “destroy” them.

How exactly what a game like this to be so popular, and what is the attraction? Well, of course, there is much debate on the subject, but everyone can agree that Candy Crush Saga remains as popular as ever.

Game Design

The thing about this game is that when you can download and play for free, there is work within the system to try to pay for things like the plan of a special bonus item. Mainly because the game is very addictive, and you earn experience and level; it will be much harder to play.


This amazing ability Popping candy first thought they had begun to falter when everything moves so fast. At this point, you can purchase bonus credits and other items tempting desire. Here’s how this game rakes in money while “free,” and a marketing ploy that worked very well.

Popping candy such as M & Ms

If you happen to be a person who likes to play a Crush Saga Candy lot, then you might be tempted to believe that their skills ahead of most people. The reality is that this is very probably will not happen because there are millions of people out there playing well. In fact, once you reach level 38 or 39 you will find throughout the game to be challenging and to credit the purchase will be most important to you.


It is great if Candy Crush Saga is his hobby to travel for business or leisure when you have nothing better to do, but the terrible addiction can start to lose money.

Play like a pro

However, Candy Crush Saga has a mobile phone quality of life which seems to entice you like the eyes of Medusa. Especially when playing on the latest HD tablet, users are bound to get much fun to your gaming experience, especially when you can play with your friends via social networks.

You may be right in thinking that Candy Crush Saga is here to stay – at least until something even more ridiculously attractive and exciting place.


Force is very advantageous to Candy Crush Saga

Do you play this game, chances are you have seen pop-up notifications on your Facebook invite to try or accepting a gift from a friend who plays this game for you. Candy Crush Saga might be the most popular game on the Internet now become the party as many downloads on the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store for months. Experts say the crash candy create wonders addictive Bejeweled and Tetris-like manner – as once you start you will not want to stop and soon several hours Elapse.

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